Sustainability at PCC

Sustainability for PCC BakkiSilicon is twofold. First, it’s to be able to operate for decades to come in a stable and consistent way, providing the customers with desired products, without compromising the possibilities of future generations to meet their needs. This involves taking measures to protect the biosphere in air, on land and in the ocean. Secondly, to operate in unity with and positively affect, the municipality of Húsavík and its residents. Sustainability will be integrated into daily practices and we aim to be resilient in ever changing environmental and social landscapes.

Close monitoring and strategic ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will be held throughout the lifetime of the plant for example by use of renewable energy and biofuels. PCC BakkiSilicon further plans to take part in projects to offset emissions by reforestation and recovery of wetlands in Iceland.

Biodiversity in the surrounding ocean and freshwater is of the upmost importance. The nearest town, Húsavík, is known for whale watching tourism and therefore PCC BakkiSilicon will make sure that discharge from the plant is in compliance with environmental limits to protect the ecosystem.
Regular measurements on soil, vegetation, sound and hay, will take place to monitor effect on land due to emissions after the plant is commissioned. This is done to take care of the biodiversity in the nearby environment.

Sustainable geothermal energy is used to power the plant and continuous improvement in energy use will be adhered.

The plant has a closed water-cooling system, making the use of water as sustainable as possible.
The kitchen will be encouraged to reduce waste during food preparation and use local sourced food whenever possible. In addition, all staff will be encouraged to handle food with care and reduce waste.
For both economic and environmental sustainability, material use will be as efficient as possible.
Will be handled with care and all measures taken to avoid release into the environment. When possible, PCC BakkiSilicon will use environmentally friendly chemicals.
All waste is sorted and weighed to closely monitor improvements in waste reduction. All measures are taken for waste to be reused or recycled as close to the plant as possible. PCC BakkiSilicon will pursue a strategic approach to zero waste.
PCC BakkiSilicon takes its social responsibility seriously and will continuously work on increasing its respect and promoting its image by respecting laws and regulations. We aim to have positive effects on the community by taking part in social responsibility projects.

PCC BakkiSilicon identifies its significant resource use, waste, emissions and the nearby community as a driving force for change in innovation and sustainable development within heavy industry. This is as a stimulating challenge and we aim to be a leader in Iceland regarding this.