Joint Effort / Our community

With the realization of the first industrial plant of such magnitude, a new chapter in the development of the Norðurþing area has commenced. The vision of a new era in this part of Iceland, with attractive, qualified workplaces emerging at the Bakki industrial site, and improvement and growth for the community in many aspects, had been in the people’s minds for a long time. And PCC was welcomed with open arms to initiate this development with the investment into a world-class, future-oriented silicon metal plant which seemed to be the ideal fit.

Of course, the unparalleled nature around Húsavik constitutes an asset which needs to be protected. Therefore, the visuals and acoustics of the area, the quality of the air as well as other environmental aspects are aimed to be impacted as little as possible by our plant. We are aware of our responsibility to act in a broadly sustainable manner, and we will encourage an open exchange and discussion within our community in this regard.

The project would not have been realized without the trust and confidence from all ours partners, firstly of course from the people of Húsavik, but also from all other equally important stakeholders as the Icelandic Government, our customers, our power and transmission service suppliers with their own large investments, and, last but not least, our financing partners.

We at PCC BakkiSilion hf. are grateful for all this trust, support and the openness towards the new, and we aim to make this joint effort a success for us all!